Materials for
Stick Hair System
(Hard Ring System

Stick Hair Extesnion System
( or, Ring Extension System)

done with Specially devised Rings
Stick Hair Extension, without
any glue, thread, clip, etc

Simple, Clean, Easy Extension !!
There is no need of any chemicals
in removing Hard Ring(X10 rings) .
The Hard Ring is made
with a special compound metal.
* No skin irritation
* No magnet
* No rusting
* No demage to own Hair and Extension hair

How to remove ? - Easy & Fast way


100% Made in Korea

Sizes of Hard Rings
( Inside diameter/Outside Diameter)
Hard Ring -XS 1.9 mm/3.0 mm
Hard Ring-Small 2.0 mm/3.3 mm
Hard Ring-Medium 2.2 mm/3.6 mm
Hard Ring-Large

2.4 mm/4.0 mm

Hard Ring-XL(no stock) 3.3 mm/4.5 mm

Colors in Stock
Colors of the Rings can be custom made.)

Dark Brown
Light Brown
For Prices, Payment, Freight, etc,
please contact us by fax or email.
A sample kit of Hard Rrin(Stick-Hair) System consists of :
1. Hard Ring (3 bottes)
( ea of 3 sizes,- L,M,S as main sizes )
2. Pulling Needle - 3 pcs
(1 pc each of 3 sizes)
3. A plier ( for closing and opening x10rngs)
Stck-PreBonded hair-18" (Remy Hair) 100gr/bundle;
about 100pcs (suitable for
x10ring-L) , 150 pcs for M)

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