Flat Skin Sheet (CW2440FSS )
used in making
Skin Top, Partings by Machine Implanting

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With 35 ~ 45 year manufacturing experience, we provide hands on training classes and on line training classes to train how to make wefts, wigs,
toupees, hair extensions, pretipped hair, tape in hair, tape hair, skin weft, clip on hair, top closures, etc supplying all kinds of wig materials,
equipments, machines, chemicals such as nylon fine monofilament nets, Swiss lace, German lace, polyester net, nylon net, crimping machine,
wig machines, weft machines, hair implantation machine, curling machine, wigcaps, polyurethane glue, adhesive bonding glue, wigcaps, wigoils,
comb clips, needle, hackle, hair dyes, other wig supplies, human hair, Chinese hair, Indian hair